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An architect who became a professional in the architectural field and started blogging across social media and all sorts of other media platforms. While as a blogger, he has been asked to provide guidance through sharing of educational knowledge with students and architects. Started with a quick couple of pages but ended up being the size of a small book. 

“Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving”

We, a team of young architects, believe in the above quote and hence, if you find this site useful, the best compliment you could give is, to tell a friend about it.

This site is very much an experiment of this sharing architectural education. Rather than a package, all this information into an E-book to sell on Amazon, we‘ve made it public so that everyone can use it. Here’s a link to the contact page for getting in touch with us.

We have no idea, how well this will go, but I’m a firm believer in the open-sharing approach.

The content provided is free, and we would like you to share it as much as possible with your friends.

One of the most beautiful things about sharing an architectural education online is how people support it and offer their help to make it better. I want to thank Mr. Ravi Partap for volunteering his professional editorial skills and helping me spell fewer words incorrectly. I would also like to thank Ar. Gaurav Panday for basic information on architectural education and his contribution.

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Welcome to the Archi-Monarch. We are a leading research website, with a 16-year-long tradition of higher education in architecture. We also offer a range of download Architectural data i.e., Cad-blocks, Photoshop files, Submission, Working, Detail drawings, Academic notes, etc… And also, provide an architectural store to purchase physical things in India.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us.

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