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We offer to a range of download Architectural data i.e. Cad-blocks, Photoshop files, Submission, Working, Detail drawings, Academic notes etc… And also we provide architectural store to purchase physical things in India.

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Display the articles provided by in our teams in this section related to architecture. The view more button can be linked to Listing Page.



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Definition of architecture

Architecture is the art and science of building. It is the conscious creation of utilitarian spaces with the deliberate use of material. Originated from the greek word ‘Architekton’. Archi — Great Tekton — Builder Architecture should be technically efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

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Display the articles and architectural downloadable stuff provided by in my teams in this section. The view more button can be linked to Listing Page.


The website is really helpful for collaborating with skilled teachers. Had amazing experience with this website!

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The world is changing at an ever quickening rate, which means that a lot of knowledge becomes obsolete and inaccurate more quickly.

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The emphasis is therefore shifting to teaching the skills of learning : to picking up new knowledge quickly and in as agile a way as possible.

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It has been argued that high rates of education are essential for countries to be able to achieve high levels of economic growth.

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