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The Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) is a government agency responsible for the planning and development of urban areas in the Indian state of Haryana. HUDA is tasked with developing infrastructure such as roads, water supply, and sewage systems, as well as providing affordable housing to residents.

The agency is also responsible for acquiring land for development and implementing urban planning policies. HUDA was established in 1977 and has its headquarters in Panchkula, Haryana.

  • Before the creation of HUDA, the Urban Estates Department (U.E.D.) which was established in the year 1962, used to look after the work relating to planned development of urban areas and it functioned under the aegis of the Town & Country Planning Department.
  • Its functioning was regulated by the Punjab Urban Estates Development and Regulations Act, 1964 and the rules made there under and the various development activities used to be carried out by different departments of the State Government such as PWD (B & R), Public Health, Haryana State Electricity Board etc.
  • The Urban Estates Department was not effective in achieving its defined goals of planed urban development to the satisfaction of the public at large.
  • Thus, Urban Development Authority came into existence on 13-01-1977 under the Haryana Urban Development Authority Act, 1977 to take over work, responsibilities hither to being handled by individual Government departments.

1) The functions of Haryana Urban Development Authority are :-

  1. To promote and secure development of urban areas in a systematic and planned way with the power to acquire sell and dispose off property, both movable and immovable.
  2. Use this so acquired land for residential, industrial, recreational and commercial purpose.
  3. To make available developed land to Haryana Housing Board and other bodies for providing houses to economically weaker sections of the society, and
  4. To undertake building works.

2) Administrative set up of Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA)

  • The Authority consists of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Chief Administrator and such other members (not more than 12 but not less than 6) appointed under notification issued from time to time, provided that the number of non-official members shall not, at any time exceed three.
  • The Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) is a statutory body under Haryana Urban Development Authority Act, 1977.  The constitution of the Authority is as under:-
  • The Chief Administrator at the Head-Quarter is the overall incharge and responsible for discharging the functions of the Authority.
  • The Chief Administrator is assisted by 5 Zonal Administrators, posted at Faridabad, Gurgaon, Hisar, Panchkula and Rohtak and one Administrator at Head Quarter.
  • The Chief Administrator is guided by the policies framed by the Authority headed by the Minister-in-charge (designated as the Chairman of the Authority) of the Town & Country Planning Department.

3) Zonal Administration

  • The entire state is divided into 30 Urban Estates.
  • The work of these Urban Estates is being supervised and monitored by 5 Zonal Administrators assisted by 18 Estate Officers.
  • The main functions of these Estate Officers are to manage the estates by selling developed and undeveloped plots/properties of all categories of land and realize the revenue.
  • The zonal Administrators are located at following places:-

4) Function of various wings of HUDA

i) Engineering Wing

  • Engineering wing is headed by a Chief Engineer. As soon as land is acquired and handed-over to HUDA, infrastructural development works are taken up by the Engineering wing as per approved layout plan/demarcation plan of the area and after providing the basic infrastructural facilities, possession of the plots is handed over to the Estate Office, who in turn offers the possession to the respective allottees.
  • The basic infrastructural facilities include the approach road, electrification, water supply and sewerage facilities. The other infrastructural activities like community buildings, parks and other facilities are taken up simultaneously and are linked with the inhabitation in the Urban Estate.

ii) Finance Wing

  • Finance/Accounts Wing is headed by the Chief Controller of Finance which comprises of One Senior Accounts Officer at the Head Quarter and One with each of the Administrators, and their supporting staff posted in all the Estates, Circles, Divisional offices etc.
  • This wing is responsible for the financial management of the Authority.

iii) Town Planning Wing

  • Town Planning Wing established at Head Quarter to look after the work of perspective planning for establishment of new Urban Estates. 

iv) Architecture Wing

  • Architectural Wing is headed by a Senior Architect with supporting staff and entrusted with the job of preparation of architectural controls and Architectural designs of all buildings constructed by HUDA.

v) Legal Wing

  • HHUDA is an organization which deals with the acquisition and disposal of developed land for various purposes and accordingly legal complications of various natures do arises which are being taken care of by the Legal Cell of the Authority which is headed by a Legal Remembrancer who is assisted by District Attorney, Deputy District Attrorneys, Additional District Attorneys and necessary supporting staff both at the Headquarter and field offices.
  • The court cases are being monitored through web-based Court Case Tracking System (CCTS). 

vi) Monitoring Wing

  • In order to monitor the progress of the developmental works done by the field offices on regular and timely basis, a Monitoring Cell was set-up at the Head Office of the Authority which is headed by the Deputy Economic & Statistical Adviser with supporting staff.

vii) Enforcement Wing

  • This wing is headed by the Enforcement Officer at Head Quarter along with supporting staff.
  • All the matters relating to the removing of encroachments are being dealt by this wing.

viii) Vigilance Wing

  • This wing is headed by the Executive Engineer (Vigilance).
  • All the matters relating to vigilance enquiries are dealt by this wing.

ix) Establishment and Authority Wing

  • This wing is headed by the Secretary, HUDA. It deals with the establishment matters of the employees.
  • All the Authority meetings are also conducted by the Secretary, HUDA.

x) Policy Wing

  • This wing is headed by Administrative Officer. All the matters relating to policy and allotment of land to various institutions and Government Department are also being dealt with by this wing.

xi) Land Acquisition Divisions

  • The acquisition of land for urban development is undertaken by five Land Acquisition Officers of the Urban Estates Department at the instance of Authority.
  • The State Government on the request of the Authority acquires land under the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 and after taking possession of land, transfers it to the Authority on payment.
  • The overall cost of acquisition and enhanced compensation if ordered by the competent court is paid by HUDA out of its own funds.

xii) Information Technology Wing (I.T.Wing)

  • The Information Technology Wing of HUDA was established in year 2006 and is headed by General Manager (IT).
  • The main job is to automate the functioning of various wings of HUDA.
  • Currently, various e-Governance initiatives have been undertaken by the Information Technology Wing to facilitate the internal efficiency of the Department and to provide quality services to the allottees, citizens and external agencies through website of HUDA. 

In conclusion, the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) is a government agency responsible for the planning and development of urban areas in the Indian state of Haryana. The authority is tasked with developing infrastructure, providing affordable housing, acquiring land for development, and implementing urban planning policies.

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