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Building drawing norms in Haryana are the guidelines and standards set by the Haryana State Government to regulate the design and construction of buildings in the state. These norms ensure that buildings are safe, structurally sound, and meet environmental and accessibility requirements.

1) Size of drawing sheets and colouring of plans

(1) The size of drawing sheets shall be any of those specified as below.


(2) All dimensions in plan shall be indicated in metric units.

(3) Various elements of plans (site and building), elevation, section and details shall be shown in different colors and thickness/ type of line, etc., and shall be preferably prepared in layers and as per BIS Code.

(4) The prints of drawings shall be on one side of paper only.

2) Site Plan

The site plan to be submitted along with the application for seeking permission shall be drawn to a scale of 1: 100 for plots upto 500 square metres in size and on a scale of 1:500 for plots upto 1acre in size.

For plots above one acre in size the site plan may be submitted at any readable scale.

The plan shall show as below:

(i) the boundaries of the site and any contiguous features.

(ii) the position of the site in relation to neighbouring street/ revenue rasta.

(iii) the names and width of the streets on which the building is proposed to be situated, if any.

(iv) all existing buildings standing on, over or under the site.

(v) the position of the building and of all other buildings, if any, which the applicant intends to erect upon his contiguous land referred to in (i) above.

(vi) the means of access from the street to the building, and to all other buildings, if any which the applicant intends to erect upon his contiguous land, referred to in (i) above.

(vii) the width of the street, in front, if any at the sides or rear of building.

(viii) the direction of north point relative to the plan of the buildings.

(ix) any existing physical features such as well, drains, trees, overhead/ underground electric supply lines including its capacity, etc.

(x) the site area of the property and the covered area on each floor along with its percentage covered to the total area of the site.

(xi) such other particulars as may be prescribed by the Competent Authority; and

(xii) plot number or revenue particulars of the property on which the building is intended to be erected.

3) Clearance zone for buildings near High Tension electrical line

  • Building shall not be constructed within the clearance zone. The clearance zone shall be provided as per table below.

4) Building Plan

(a) The plans, elevations and sections of the building accompanying the notice with dimensions shall be drawn to a scale of:-

(i) 1:50 for plots measuring upto 500 square metres;

(ii) 1:100 for plots measuring from 500 square metres to 1000 square metres;

(iii) 1:200 for plots measuring more than 1000 square metres.

(b) These shall show:

(i) the plans of all the floors including basements and all external elevations and cross sections illustrating distinctly all the different levels and minimum one section through stair case, water closet, bath, kitchen and garage;

(ii) the plinth level of the building with reference to the level of the mean level of street from where approach to the site is taken;

(iii) the schedule indicating the size of the doors, windows, openings and other methods of ventilation of each room/ area;

(iv) the means of access to the buildings and to its various floors as well as the means of escape in case of fire, if required under the specific law/ Code; along with ramps and steps with respect to the building;

(v) in case of proposed additions and alterations in the existing building, all new works shall be shown on the drawings in distinctive colours along with index;

(vi) the method of disposal of waste water, sewage, storm water and water supply in detail;

(vii) provision of rain water harvesting system as per Code Rain Water Harvesting

(viii) provision for photo voltaic solar power plant as per Code given below

Provision of Rooftop Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plant

(1) The mandatory installation of Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant for the buildings/ areas shall be in accordance with the order bearing no. 22/52/2005-5 Power, dated 21st March 2016 notified by Renewable Energy Department, Haryana and as amended from time to time.

(2) Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant as laid down in Code (1) above, shall be part of the occupation certificate.

(3) The Competent Authority shall empanel consultants (experts in solar photo voltaic power plant installations) for inspecting, verifying and issuing certification for installation of Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant.

(ix) provision for differently-abled person as per  Norms for Differently-abled Persons in haryana

5) Constructing building as per Architectural Control Sheet

(1) The applicant shall obtain Architectural Control Sheet approved by an authorized officer of the Competent Authority, by applying on plain paper and as per rate fixed by Competent Authority.

The applicant is not required to get the building plan sanctioned from the Competent Authority in the Architectural Control Sheet is adopted for execution in total.

Provided the applicant constructs the building strictly in accordance with the standard design.

(2) The applicant shall, however, have to obtain formal permission from the Competent Authority for starting construction of the building and shall also intimate date of commencement of construction of building to the Competent Authority.

These building drawing norms in Haryana ensure that buildings are designed and constructed in a safe and sustainable manner, taking into account the local environment, climate, and cultural heritage. Adherence to these norms is essential to ensure that the built environment in Haryana is safe, sustainable, and accessible to all.

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