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An application for erection of a building in Haryana can be made to the Town and Country Planning Department of Haryana.

1) Application for erection or re-erection of building

(a) Any person who intends to erect, re-erect or make alternation in any place in a building or demolish any building shall give notice in writing to the Competent Authority of his/ her intention in the Form BR-I, accompanied by the following documents:-

(i) Ownership documents-lease deed/ sale deed or possession letter in the name of owner issued by the allotment authority or permission to use the land issued by Competent Authority;

(ii) a site plan as required by Building Drawing Norms.

(iii) a building plan or plans along with an un-editable Compact Disc/ DVD or any other electronic medium permissible by the Competent Authority from time to time containing the drawings in “.DWG” format as required by Building Drawing Norms.

(iv) details of specifications of the work to be executed in Form BR-II;

(v) Structural drawings (for record) as per Form BR-V(A1) or BR-V(A2);

(vi) fire safety design as required under National Building Code or under Haryana Fire Services Act, 2009, if applicable;

(vii) Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (H.V.A.C.) service plan wherever required;

(viii) Certificate of conformity to regulation and structural safety for the relevant buildings (depending upon type and height) in the relevant Form BR-V(A1) or BR-V(A2);

(ix) Public health services plan in un-editable compact Disc/ DVD or any other electronic medium, containing drawings in “.DWG” Format;

(x) scrutiny fees (non–refundable) at the rate of ten rupees per square metre of the covered area achieved, shall be deposited in favour of Competent Authority through any prescribed payment mode.

Note: The applicant shall submit all kind of plans in electronic format on the online portal of Competent Authority. The Competent Authority shall convey objections/ observations or sanction/ refusal through online portal or prescribed mode.

(b) Every person applying under (Application for erection or re-erection of building)(a) ABOVE shall appoint an Architect/ Engineer for drawing up of building plans/ structural drawings and for the supervision of erection or re-erection of the building.

The supervision of erection or re-erection of residential or commercial building upto 15 metres height (G+3 floors) (including stilt) may be undertaken by the Architect or the Engineer.

However, in case of buildings more than 15 metres height (including stilt), the supervision shall be undertaken by both the Architect and the Engineer.

During construction if appointed Architect/ Engineer notices that violation (except compoundable) are going on he shall intimate the owner and advise him to stop further construction and remove the violation, will also intimate to the concerned authority.

(c) The applicant, the Architect and Engineer shall digitally sign the application, plans, structural drawings, specifications and the certificates as required in the relevant forms and documents, before making submission to Competent Authority.

(d) In case the building application is returned, it may be re-submitted within 60 days from the date of such return without fresh scrutiny fees. Such re-submission, however may not be allowed more than two times in 60 days from the date of first return.

2) Procedure for submitting application through self-certification

(a) Any person intending to erect or re-erect building shall apply on Form BRS-I along with documents stated in Code (Application for erection or re-erection of building) ABOVE to the Competent Authority for approval of building plans of architectural controlled commercial booths,

Shop-cum-Office (SCO),

Shop-cum-Flat (SCF),

Shop-cum-Office-cum Flat (SCOF),

Double Storey Shop (DSS),

plots (all sizes) of industrial plotted colony & residences (upto 500 square metres), under self-certification by giving fifteen day notice to the Competent Authority for approval of building plans intimating the date of start of construction. The construction can be started after fifteen days, in case any objection is not conveyed to the applicant.

(b) Certificate of conformity to regulation and structural safety for the relevant buildings (depending upon type and height) in the relevant Form BRS-II.

(c) Competent Authority or any other person authorized by him reserves the right to check the building plans and construction at any stage and violations (except compoundable ones), if found shall have to be rectified by the owner/ applicant.

In case the owner/ applicant fail to rectify violations, the Competent Authority may take necessary steps to remove the violations. Action shall also be taken against the defaulting Architect by referring his case to the Council of Architecture of misconduct and debarring/ blacklisting the Architect from doing practice in State Government Departments/ Authorities.

All rectifications shall be at the risk and cost of the owner and no plea of the owner shall be entertained for any default committed by the Architect engaged by him. In all such cases the procedure of self-certification shall stand aborted.

(d) If a building is erected or re-erected or construction work is commenced in contravention to any of the building regulations, the Competent Authority or any other person authorized by him shall be competent to require the building to be altered or demolished, by a written notice delivered to the owner. Such notice shall also specify the period during which such alteration or demolition has to be completed and if the notice is not complied with, the Competent Authority or any other person authorized by him may demolish the said building at the expense of the owner.


(i) The decision of Competent Authority, in case of any dispute shall be final and binding on all concerned.

(ii) At any stage during construction, if an Architect notices that violations (except sanctionable ones) are taking place, he shall intimate to the concerned authority of such violations and stop further supervision.

He/ She shall also intimate the allottee about the violations and advise him to stop further construction. Complete details along with photographs shall be submitted to the concerned authority.

The Competent Authority shall immediately issue a notice to the owner on the basis of the Architect’s certificate to suspend further work and rectify violations.

In such cases the owner shall be held responsible for further additions in violations.

Such a situation shall automatically annul the process of self certification and the owner may, after removal of violations, engage an Architect for preparing the revised drawings.

In such cases completion shall be given only after scrutiny of revised drawings and inspection of site.

(iii) Sanctionable changes shall be allowed to be done, provided that at the completion stage all changes are incorporated by the Architect in the completion drawings to be submitted by the owner to the Competent Authority.

While seeking occupation certificate, the Architect shall give a certificate that all changes done are as per Code and policies of the Government from time to time.

(iv) After submitting of application or during the construction of building if the Owner/ Architect/ Structural Engineer are changed, he shall intimate the Competent Authority by email or online building plan approval system that he is no longer responsible for the project from the date of actual dispatch of the letter.

The information must be sent within seven days of occurrence of the change to the Competent Authority by the respective owner/ Architect/ Engineer.

The construction work shall have to be suspended until the new owner/ Architect/ Structural Engineer, as case may be, undertakes the full responsibility of the project vide forms and documents submitted at the time of applying for erection/ re-erection of the building within seven days of his taking over.

Owner’s intimation regarding change of name of professionals shall be considered to be final by the Competent Authority or any other person authorized by him.

3) Online receipt and approval

(1) All functions performed under this building Code be performed through electronic form.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of Code (1) ABOVE, the functions shall include all or any of the followings:-

(i) receipt or acknowledgement of applications and payments;

(ii) issue of approvals, orders or directions;

(iii) scrutiny, enquiry or correspondence for approval of building plans or grant of occupation certificates, etc.;

(iv) filing of documents;

(v) issue of notices for recoveries;

(vi) maintenance of registers and records;

(vii) any other function that the Competent Authority may deem fit in public interest.

4) Preparation of building plans by Government Departments

The Government Departments shall prepare the building plans of all Government buildings conforming to this building code and shall issue a certificate specifying that the provisions of this building Code have been followed in all respects.

Such plans shall be sent to the Competent Authority, for information and record before commencement of erection or re-erection of the building.

5) Constitution of committees

The Competent Authority shall constitute committees for-

(i) Preparation of zoning plans.

(ii) Approval of building plans;

(iii) Composition of violation of building plans;

(iv) Grant of Occupation Certificate; and

(v) Any other Committee with such powers and functions, as may deem proper.

The Town and Country Planning Department will ensure that the proposed building complies with the applicable building codes, zoning laws, and environmental regulations. Adherence to these regulations is essential to ensure that the built environment in Haryana is safe and sustainable.

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