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The choice of auspicious colors for a building is culturally dependent and can vary greatly.

Here are some commonly recognized auspicious colors:

  • With numerology, according to our date of birth, we can find out our auspicious number.
  • While finding the auspicious number only date should be taken into consideration, Month and year are not considered. e.g., 18-02-2020
  • Here 1 + 8 = 9 is the auspicious number.

The choice of auspicious colors for a building is highly dependent on cultural beliefs and traditions.

  • In Chinese culture, red and gold are considered to be auspicious colors, symbolizing good fortune, happiness, and wealth.
  • In Hindu culture, saffron (a shade of orange) is seen as an auspicious color and is often used in religious ceremonies.
  • In Japan, white and black are considered to be auspicious colors and are used in traditional architecture.
  • In the Middle East, green is often associated with good luck and is used in decoration.
  • In Western cultures, blue is often seen as a symbol of stability, reliability, and protection.

It is important to keep in mind that different cultures have different interpretations of colors, and what may be considered auspicious in one culture may not be so in another.

Before choosing the colors for your building, it may be a good idea to consider the cultural background of the people who will be using the building, and to choose colors that will be meaningful and appropriate for them.

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