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  • Industrial Vastu or Vastu Shastra for industries or factories is a topic that needs no introduction.
  • Industrial units that function using the principal of Vastu Shastra are proven to be much more successful in terms of administration, human resources and production.
  • Industrial Vastu therefore plays a significant role in determining how an industry / Factory will perform in the future. Moreover, it has been observed that a lot of labor problems have been avoided using the right Vastu principal at the right time.
  • The Vastu principal, when used appropriately can be of huge help to the owner of the industry as well.
  • Thus, we can decipher that irrespective of the size of the industry, be it a small manufacturing unit or a large scale industry, Vastu principal play a very important role in determining the success of any industry.

1) Important Points

  1. Factory premises should be square or rectangle (1:2) proportion is preferable the Northwest and South West corners should be at 90 Dgree.
  2. The South and West compound wall of the premises should be made of stone and other heavy items, making South West corner exactly to 90 Dgree. The east and North boundaries can be of barbed wire also. The idea is that it should be light in weight.
  3. The well, borewell, underground water storage, garden etc. should be in the East, North or North East.
  4. In the South East corner, leaving 2 ft. to 3 ft. from the compound wall a transformer room can be made. Also servant, watchman’s room can be there without touching the walls.
  5. In the SouthWest corner scrap and other heavy items can be dumped.
  6. In the West main office, Laboratory, Administrative office can be arranged.
  7. Servant quarters may be in the NorthWest corner.
  8. The main plant should be in the SouthWest corner.
  9. Water source should be in the Northeast. The level of the plot should be low in the Northeast.
  10. Heavy Machinery should be in the South side and lighter machines can be installed in the North side.
  11. Boiler, Fire and electrical items should be in the SouthEast corner. Raw materials, store room, Waste material etc. should be in the SouthWest corner.
  12. Finished goods should be kept in the NorthWest corner. Delivery should be given from a door in the North side.
  13. The overhead tank should be in the SouthWest or North West.
  14. Parking should be done in the North or East.
  15. Main entrance should be in the East or North. It should never be in the SouthWest. West entrance is OK.

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