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Provisions for Landscaping in Noida

1 (a) Institutional, commercial, office / Industrial units / group housing, farm house shall be required to plant a minimum number of trees in their premises as follows.


(b) In case of plotted development in group housing plantation provision shall be as per Landscape Master Plan and following norms shall be followed.

(i) On 18.0 metre and 24.0 metre wide road, alternate variety of evergreen and ornamental trees shall be planted @ 7.5 metre centre to centre.

(ii) On road upto 12 metre ornamental trees will be planted @ 5 metre centre to centre of single variety in each pocket.

(c) Recreational, Institutional Green: In addition to the requirement as mentioned in clause (a) detailed landscape plan will have to be got approved by the Authority as per specification in Landscape Master Plan and landscape manual approved by the Authority.

2. Residential plots other than group housing (flatted) :-

(i) One tree in every plot for plot size upto 120 square metre.

(ii) Two trees in every plot for plot size above 120 and upto 300 square metre.

(iii) One tree additional in every100sqm for plot above 300 square metre.

3. The minimum height of plantation of sapling should be 3.6 mtrs at the time of occupancy.

* Evergreen Tree: Tree that remains green for most part of the year and sheds leave slowly throughout the year, having height more than 2.0 mtrs, with a well distinguished trunk

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