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  • All sites in their native state sustain various ecological cycles.
  • Construction leads to disruption of various cycles as well as exert demand for resources such as energy, water, etc.
  • Such construction practices have a detrimental impact on the surroundings.
  • Therefore, site selection is the first step to a sustainable habitat and needs to be done appropriately, prior to commencement of the design phase.
  • Green areas are essential for our survival.
  • Trees and shrubs not only help in reducing the global greenhouse gases, they are also essential for providing clean air and water.
  • Urban green areas also help in maintaining the balance between the physical and psychological health of people while simultaneously improving social cohesion amongst the community.
  • Therefore, it becomes important that the project provides optimal green cover for its users.
  • Site selection and analysis should be carried out to create living spaces that are in harmony with the local environment.
  • Development of a project should not cause damage to the natural surrounding of the site but, in fact, try to improve it by restoring its balance.
  • Thus, site selection should be carried out in a holistic manner keeping in view the following aspects:
  1. Contextual design with respect to its surrounding built environment
  2. Preservation and enhancement of natural biodiversity
  3. Land utilization and development intensity
  4. Early-stage design optimization for resource efficiency
  5. Contribution to urban heat phenomenon

This section consists of three criteria as mentioned in Table ( Given below )


Green infrastructure criterion one

Low impact design criterion two

Design to mitigate UHIE criterion three

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